Coca-Cola – Social Media Strategy On the Rocks

By: Zorro D In: Search Engine Optimization|Social Media

22 Jun 2012

Coca-Cola, a company whose Facebook fan count sounds like a share of a will, has had blogosphere, twittersphere, facbooksphere and all other social media spheres heated up or must i say chilled out. With over thirty two million fans on Facebook, more than three hundred and twenty two thousand followers on Twitter, five hundred plus members on Flickr, near about thirty three thousand subscribers on YouTube, and a full-fledged corporate blog, Coca Cola’s social media strategy is an exemplar of its kind.

Let’s hear the idea of Coca-Cola’s social media strategy from Natalie Johnson,the Digital Communications Manager herself:

“When you think about what your homepage is … it’s not necessarily just your brand page. It’s It’s Digg. It’s Twitter. It’s YouTube. It’s Facebook. It’s all of these other sites, because that’s where people are going to obtain their information.”

With such a degree of earnestness, it’s no wonder that the company brags as many as five thousand mentions in a day! Whoa! That’s HUGE!


Image Courtesy – Coca-Cola

How earnest is Coca-Cola with its social media marketing?

The soft-drink giant is extremely serious about its social media activity and has its own set of social media principles. These social media principles are guided by what they call Coca-Cola’s 4 Rs –
Review, Respond, Record and Redirect.

4 Key Components of Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy

  • Review – The process of sieving of digital platforms to spot all mentions of Coca-Cola
  • Respond – The art of engaging in dialogue/ conversation
  • Record – The act of producing and uploading images, blogs, video vignettes etc on appropriate social media channels for meaningful entertainment.
  • Redirect – The idea of directing social members to other purposeful social media content

6.6% deduction in Coca-Cola’s advertisement spending to invest more in SMM

The Grocer reports that in the year 2010, Coca-Cola cut it’s spending on advertisements by 6.6% so as to invest more in the social media sector. Now, that again goes into highlighting that Coca-Cola has plunged into the social space earnestly and that Coca-Cola’s social media strategy is just as fizzy as a chilled glass of Coca-Cola itself.

No wonder, Famecount acknowledges Coca-Cola as the number one brand  in social media presence on the list of top ‘Food Drinks Brand’.

Coca-Cola’s own socially seasoned website – Coke Zone

Coke Zone is Coca-Cola’s official fan community that was launched in January, 2008. The website is a wonder-house of incredible rewards and prizes ranging from ring-tones to movie tickets. The content on the site is intended to improve consumption of Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Diet Coke by teenagers and females.

Coca-Cola’s lively corporate blog – Coca Cola Conversations

Coca-Cola joined the blogging community with its own corporate blog – Coca-Cola Conversations on 23rd January, 2008. Managed by Phil Mooney,archivist/ historian, Coca-Cola conversations includes ‘conversations’ on a spectrum of topics ranging from Coca-Cola’s involvement in World Cup and Olympics to real-life stories submitted by fans. In its initial year, Coca-Cola conversions featured more than two hundred stories that pulled almost eighty thousand readers. The blog still continues to be a roaring success

What is Coca-Cola’s unique social game-plan?

1) Letting fans roll-on the conversation 

On observing the company’s Facebook page, you will find that there are hardly any wall-posts by the company. I mean I perused through a lot many wall posts but could not find any from Coca-Cola official. It’s the fans doing all the talking.

And on those rare instances when the beverage giant initiated conversations, it was something very interesting and engaging like…“Have you ever dreamed of… swimming in coke?” So, that’s a pointer that Coca-Cola is not using social media for blatant advertising but for engaging fans.

2) Circulating Happiness Virals

‘Happiness Machine’ video was the first Coca-Cola video that was globally distributed as a part of the company’s viral marketing campaign. So far, the video has managed more than three million unique views. The company promoted the video largely on Twitter and Facebook with hooks directing back to the main YouTube page. Coca-Cola’s all other subsequent viral video generation and circulation efforts have been successful.

“The video was conceived as a way to connect with teens and young adults outside of TV ads and online games. We wanted to give them something that would spread a bit of happiness and something they could pass on to their friends to keep the happiness flowing.”.
- A.J. Brustein, Global Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola


3) Making fans a part of all Coca-Cola adventures

 Although Coca-Cola sent just three ambassadors to all 206 countries as a part of their Expedition 206 campaign , they made the whole world a part of it. With a barrage of images, tweets, wall-posts, blogs, interviews et al, Coca-Cola made all its fans a part of their adventure.

The company seems to be drinking to its online social media success. If you’ve got 1.52 more minutes, I’ll leave you with this video …Cheers!

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July 12th, 2012 at 10:54 pm

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July 14th, 2012 at 11:56 am

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July 24th, 2012 at 5:17 am

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June 23rd, 2013 at 11:01 pm

Messaggio davvero cool, altamente informativo e professionalmente scritto .. Buon Lavoro

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A Toast to Red Bull’s Energetic Social Media Success!

By: Zorro D In: Uncategorized

6 Jun 2012

Red Bull’s Facebook page has a thing that will tease you into liking the page and once you do that – what do you see? You still can’t write on their wall, sob! So what is it that has drawn over 21 million people into linking the page? Yes 21 million! And the count increases every time you refresh the page (I did it 25 times and was never disappointed). Come let’s find out the secret behind Red Bull’s social media strategy…

Red Bull Games on Facebook

Red Bull not just ‘gives you wiiings’, but games too. Red Bull Games is a unique and incredible feature, that I bet, will make you forget Angry Birds! The tab is split into two parts – ‘The Procrastination Station’ and ‘The Drunkish Dials’. While the former showcases eight interesting games that keep the avid gamers charged up and returning for more, the latter allows you to hear and rate drunken ramblings (they are hilarious enough to make you LOL) that customers left on Red Bull’s toll free number. Together, they make for a high-energy application.
P.S – I warn you from my personal experience, you will be addicted!

Red Bull TV on Facebook

Do I hear you say “Wow!”? Well, this is exactly how I reacted when I first got to know of it. Red Bull TV application on Facebook opens up a whole new world of adventure, excitement, action and glamour to its fans. And as the company itself says…
“Red Bull TV is your exclusive wingman to the best seats at spectacular sporting and culture experiences worldwide… Lean back and be entertained with the best content the world of Red Bull has to offer from action sports and motor sports to music and lifestyle, exclusively packed in one global 24/7 free web TV stream, any time any place.”

Now, incorporating Red Bull TV into their Facebook profile is a smart move, isn’t it?

Red Bull Athletes on Facebook

It’s getting more engrossing as I move ahead. Red Bull Athletes is another cool feature that Red Bull proudly boasts of and why not? The feature enables fans to view aggregated Twitter updates by Red Bull sponsored athletes. So whether you want to know what’s Reggie Bush upto or maybe what’s on Chris Santacroce’s mind, you know where to check out now! This Facebook + Twitter application has had Red Bull fans scream out like crazy!

As a visitor, you will find a lot of interactive content on Red Bull’s Facebook page. There are pretty frequent wall posts but they don’t bombard you with stuff like, “Buy a Red-Bull can and you could win a world tour ticket”. Most often than not, you find them talking about energetic athletic stuff. There is no long-drawn, boring company description but a very small, crisp introduction about the brand. All in all, it’s tailored to the needs of end users (red-blooded youth).

And you know why it’s working for them? Because they give their fans a reason to return back to their Facebook page. With some ridiculously incredible applications, Red Bull’s Facebook page definitely stands out from other run-of-the-mill fan pages and that’s the reason why they’ve managed such a coveted fan count! So moving out from Red Bull’s unique Facebook page, let’s find out how actively the brand is using other social media channels…

How active is Red Bull on YouTube?

With an impressive YouTube subscriber count, it seems the brand is making the most of its YouTube Channel. They are pretty swift when it comes to uploading new videos and you may gauge the popularity of these videos by checking out the total upload views. It’s huge!

How active is Red Bull on Twitter?

Quite active. With more than two hundred and fifty six thousand followers, Red Bull not just seems to be followed but enjoyed by fans on this particular social outlet.
Again no pompous promotions here. Just some frequent witty posts which, by and large, revolve around sports and adventure…some funny feeds too, like these ones…

What is Red Bulletin?

Red Bulletin is Red Bull’s global lifestyle magazine that captures the latest news from all corners of the world and presents it t you in a style that is inimitably pithy. From sports and athletes to culture and art, it keeps you abreast with whatever adventurous is happening around.
If you’ve got 4.33 more minutes, I’ll leave you with this incredible video! It’ll beautifully brief you on the company’s social media strategy. But remember, what’s working for Red Bull may not necessarily work for you. Picture a budding fashion designer planning to incorporate adventure gaming into his/ her fan page or a local boutique owner planning to incorporate web TV into his/ her Facebook profile. Unfortunately, that won’t produce desirous results simply because that’s not in tune with their respective businesses. You got to figure out what may work for you, this was just a hint! Godspeed!

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